Wapdam Games Reviews

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Wapdam is one of the best gaming download websites in the world. Always ensure to take note that the waptrick portal gives you unlimited access to just anything on the website which is downloadable.

There are so many categories which you can get wonderful contents for your smartphones.

Here is a list of the most visited and popular categories available in www Waptrick one

List of Categories in Waptrick

  • Waptrick games
  • Waptrick Videos
  • Waptrick Online Games
  • Music videos
  • Tv series
  • Wallpapers
  • Mobile applications
  • Themes

From the list above, it is not hard to see why this wapsite is very popular among mobile users. One of the major reason why Waptrick is so popular and accepted among phone users is that it’s compatible with every phone types.

waptrick music
waptrick game

Here is a list of Phones that is compatible with Waptrick.one

  • S40 phones
  • s60 phones
  • Java phones
  • Symbian phones
  • Android smartphones
  • iOS devices (which includes the iPhones, iPads, etc)

WHY Wapdam is the best

Why wapdam is very much preferable to waptrick is that most contents are free. There is absolutely no need to download the Waptrick app from any .APK store or register on their site, which is very much unlikely compared to other websites.

On Wapdam, it is best to go to the “most downloaded” section or category, here, you get to see the most trendy and most downloaded content of the day.

You can download series of TV shows, Movies, games and so many contents that will surely blow your mind. Amazingly, you can download themes, wallpapers to beautiful your smartphone, java or Symbian phone.

There are so many features on wapdam which is hidden, like the search functionality, horoscope checking, and weather. You get to check your country’s weather, and most especially, your state, province or community weather.

Another hidden gem in waptrick is the Horoscope reading. Here, you get to see your zodiac sign and understand more about yourself. The waptrick Horoscope shows you what you should be expecting to happen that particular day.

Most surprisingly, I have discovered that it works as expected, though slightly from what is predicted.

Last but not least is the Waptrick search button. The waptrick search button works perfectly fine and is truly astonishing. The contents located on Waptrick is so much that you simply can not scroll through them all.

I have come across thousands of Bollywood Movies, Hindu movies, Hindu Music, Urdu music, Bollywood TV series and shows, Bollywood action movies and Sci-fi movies.

Then there is the Hollywood movies, countless music from the biggest artists in the world, Nigerian Nollywood, where you get to download Nollywood movies, series and short Nollywood films.

How to Use Waptrick Search Function

Visit the website at waptrick one, when it loads up, follow the step by step procedures and guidelines as shown below.

  • visit waptrick site
  • when it loads up, you will find the waptrick search button above the site, below the header or most times, beneath the portal.
  • Click on the blank box and type in what you’re searching for
  • When it comes up with the result, click on the favorite result, you will discover that each file has its own information, like the file size, etc
  • Click on the download link and YES! it automatically downloads on your phone.

Lastly, this download method works perfectly fine on all waptrick categories like the Waptrick Games, Waptrick movies, Waptrick tv series, Waptrick Bollywood movies, Waptrick mobile applications, Waptrick themes, wallpaper and finally, Waptrick comedy skits.